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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Going off of Brandi's Etsy post, which I have been perusing since the summer, here are some headpieces I like. I want a headband and these are really pretty. They are all from the Etsy shop BelleNouvelleDesigns. I think I like the second one best.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pretty Little Secrets

Hello, My Dears!

I was browsing through etsy, which I sort of do every day for at least one hour, decided that since I like pretty things, I would take a few minutes of my day and research bridal garters. Enjoy!

A Simple Blue and White Set via Hello Design Crew

A Simple Rosette via Hello Design Crew

A Fancy Pink Little Number via Garter Lady

Something Sparkly via Garter Lady

Vintage Inspiration via Special Day Garters

A Breathtaking Blush and Ivory Piece via Peterene Design

Some Lovely Applique via Natalie Briggs
And last, but not least, a garter I'm sure Courtney will choose. Yep, that's Camo and a duck! via Garter Gallery

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reception Venue

At the end of July I looked at this venue for the reception. It's called Grand Oaks Mansion and it's at Blaine Kern Studios at Mardi Gras World (where they make Mardi Gras floats--this is next to where they make the floats). It is kind of complicated to explain, but I will try and hopefully the pictures will help. It is basically this huge room that looks like the outside grounds of a plantation. There is the facade of the plantation, trees, little ponds of's really neat. You feel like you are outside, but you are inside. You basically walk into this entryway that looks like a normal venue, then you walk through a door and it feels like you are outside and then you turn around and it's the "front" of the plantation. There are also two smaller rooms that are "inside" the plantation that we are going to use for extra seating/possibly where the buffet will go. They overlook everything else. I'm posting pictures. It's really neat and unique!