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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pretty Little Secrets

Hello, My Dears!

I was browsing through etsy, which I sort of do every day for at least one hour, decided that since I like pretty things, I would take a few minutes of my day and research bridal garters. Enjoy!

A Simple Blue and White Set via Hello Design Crew

A Simple Rosette via Hello Design Crew

A Fancy Pink Little Number via Garter Lady

Something Sparkly via Garter Lady

Vintage Inspiration via Special Day Garters

A Breathtaking Blush and Ivory Piece via Peterene Design

Some Lovely Applique via Natalie Briggs
And last, but not least, a garter I'm sure Courtney will choose. Yep, that's Camo and a duck! via Garter Gallery


  1. I like the second to last one. No ducks.

  2. The 2nd to last one is my fave, too!

    Although, the last one is pretty hawt. ::switched to sexy voice:: Yeah baby. quack. quack.