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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Fill-in-the-blank-a-palooza"--kind of like, "I am the Lone Fill-in-the-blank of the Apocalypse."


This has nothing to do with your nuptials or SGC2C. I was getting lunch with my co-worker on Monday. We go get spring rolls about once a week, but we usually go from ye about 12-1pm. The place we get spring rolls is always out of the combo ones(chicken, pork, veggie, shrimps)by then, and by golly, we wanted to experience many different spring rolls on this fine Monday. SO we did what anyone else would do in this unfortunate situation. We went to lunch early. We parked in the parking garage, took the elevator downstairs, and went to find our lunch. There was no one there! Food abound! We are waiting in line and my dear co-worker says to me, "Wow. Look at all those spring rolls. Its like, Spring-Roll-A-Palooza". I laughed. I smiled. I thought of your Wedding A-Palooza. Anyways, just filling you in on one of my adventurous lunches. Much love,

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